WYC 029 Performance Training – Scott Jones from AthleteOnFire talks Weekend Warriors to Mount Everest climbers

What does it take to be a winning youth coach? Listen in as Scott Jones shares stories and discusses his journey to becoming a successful sports entrepreneur.

Scott runs Athlete On Fire, which is involved with equipping and training athletes all over the world – he also hosts a podcast called Athlete On Fire, in which he has interviewed over 100 top athletes from around the globe.  Athlete On Fire was started to bridge the gap between amazing athletes all over the world and everyday athletes with inspiring stories, resources, and tools.  Scott is married and has 2 young sons, ages 3 and 1.

Website: athleteonfire.com

Athlete on Fire Podcast:  – AthleteOnFirePodcast

Twitter: @Athleteonfire

Facebook: /athleteonfire

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Coaching/Leadership Quote

  • ‘I don’t even count reps until I’m burnt out, then I’ll do 20 more’ – Muhammad Ali

My ‘Ah-Ha Moment’

  • Consistency in coaching – don’t show favoritism – Output/effort is always what is rewarded
  • Do what’s best for the kids, not what’s best for your wins/losses

Teaching Children & Keeping it Fun

HUGE IDEA #1 – When teaching a specific skill – DON’T GUESS!  Ask for help from a high school coach or local community college, or even Youtube.  If you don’t know if they’re doing it wrong – Don’t correct them

  • When you do know how the skill – be consistent in not allowing bad habits to form.
  • One way to correct during a game – as a coach bring a notepad with you and make notes then work on it during practice

Athlete On Fire

  • The biggest takeaway Scott has taken away from the athletes he has interviewed is that it is less about athletic ability and more about the fire and persistence they possess
  • Muhammed Ali quote: ‘I don’t even count reps until I’m burnt out, then I’ll do 20 more’
  • Check out everything at: athleteonfire.com
  • Podcast:  – AthleteOnFirePodcast

Mental Peak Performance

  • First, understand expectations.  Is the parent pressuring a kid to make a team, or is the child’s true passion?

HUGE IDEA #2 – Best way to minimize performance anxiety is practice: ‘For every minute of a presentation, you need 1 hour of preparation’

Favorite Quote/Book

  • Book: J.D. Rockefeller’s attention to details – Titan
  • Book: ‘The River of Doubt‘ – about Teddy Roosevelt dealing with defeat by challenging himself to a huge audacious goal
  • Book: Ed Viesturs (summited Everest 7 times without oxygen) ‘No Shortcuts to the Top‘- speaks to patience

Parting Advice

  • It’s a game!  Teach them something that will last beyond the game they are playing

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