WYC 015 Youth Baseball – Brian Beaman – Baseball Boys and Bad Words

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.32.38 AMWhat does it take to be a winning youth coach? Listen in as Brian Beaman shares coaching stories and discusses his journey to becoming a successful youth coach.

Brian is a sales consultant. He played high school football, basketball, track, and baseball and also played college basketball for 4 years. He has coached competitive youth sports for over 20 years. He is married and has 3 children – all boys: ages 16, 12, and 9.

Twitter: @Beaman07

Facebook: facebook.com//brian.beaman.509

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Coaching/Leadership Quote

▪   ‘I’m not trying to raise great kids, I’m trying to raise great adults’

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Coaching your own Kid

▪   Having a great assistant coach is key- so you can coach each other’s kids and fairly evaluate talent levels

My ‘Cringe’ Moment

▪   Brian’s team had a large lead in a game so he decided to have his team work on their bunts – the other coach thought it was bad sportsmanship – GOOD DEBATE: Are coaches too sensitive to ‘showing the other team up’ – when is it crossing the line?

Coaching AH-HA Moment

  • No kid should be standing around and watching – keep them ALL involved

Best Stolen Idea

  • Great baseball drill used by Vanderbilt and Belmont –lots of defensive situational reps so kids know what to do in games and it is natural to them

Teaching Children & Keeping it Fun

  • Be consistent. Let the kids set goals on what they want to improve.
  • When doing drills – break the kids into small teams and turn it into a game with points

Coaching Resources

▪   WEBSITES: Paul Reddick Baseball and Ripken baseball



▪   3 Things the kid can control:

  1. Hustle
  2. Have a good attitude
  3. Have Fun

▪   ‘No Matter Whats’ – We won’t throw our helmet, glove, or bat; we won’t argue with umpires

Reward, Recognition, and Teambuilding

▪   Recognize accomplishments immediately

▪   Brian had the Dad who kept the scorebook put little notes in the book when a kid made a great play

HUGE IDEA #2: Basketball recognition: Have 2 mini-basketballs: one says ‘Hustle’ and the other says ‘Breakthrough’ – give to 2 kids after each week and they get to keep it for the week and write their name on it

Teambuilding with Parents

▪   Communication is key – ask the parents to deal with any concerns directly with me – don’t just complain to the other parents

Inspiring Story

  • Quote: ‘I’m not trying to raise great kids, I’m trying to raise great adults’
  • Brian coached who a kid who was not a very good dribbler – but loved to play point guard – so Brian tried to find situations to get him in at point guard – and it meant the world to the kid

Coaching/Leadership Motivation

▪   Book: Proverbs – there are 31 books, read one per day

▪   Book: Andy Andrews – The Travelers Gift, and Baseball Boys and Bad Words

▪   Quote: The Golden Rule – ‘Treat others as you want to be treated’– This included the umpires – learn their name and ask them if you can call them by their name

Parting Advice

▪   Don’t take it too seriously

▪   Have fun

▪   Be prepared and organized

▪   My goal: for the kids to love the sport

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