A Cavs fan tribute to the Warriors ?

As a Cleveland Cavs fan, I really, really want Lebron to bring another championship to The Land.
But do I?
As I watched Cleveland collapse at the end of game 3, I could not help but notice the stark difference in the way each team played.
Cleveland: Iso’s and stagnant ball movement
Golden State: Insane ball movement – 29 assists on 40 made baskets!
It’s easy as a Cavs fan to sit back and complain about Kevin Durant ‘wimping out’ and instead of beating his competition, joining them.
But that was not my primary feeling after game 3. The big thing was this: Golden State does all of the little things well, and Cleveland does not. GS will have a shorter players beat a taller player at jump balls in key situations. They utilize the game clock and get 2-for-1’s at the end of quarters and take the last shot. They just play smart and with discipline.
It is the epitome of a team buying into playing selflessly vs. a team that seems to be mostly playing individually.
Just look at guys like Iguodola and Green – they thrive off being tough defensive players.
Even Curry and Thompson have to embrace giving the reigns over to Durant.
There was a great article in SI a few weeks ago about Steve Kerr’s leadership and empowerment, and how amazing it is that he has built this team and culture to where they can still perform at this amazing level without him. I encourage you to check it out, it’s a fascinating read: si.com/nba/2017/05/16/steve-kerr-nba-playoffs-golden-state-warriors-injury-leadership
So while I will always be faithful to my beloved Cleveland and would love to top last year’s epic 3-1 comeback with an even more epic 3-0 comeback – part of me loves to see discipline, selflessness, and culture prevail. 

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