WYC 018 Michael Langlois – Author of ‘Are you an Inspirational Youth Sports Coach’– talks youth baseball and Common Sense Communication

Michael Langlois picAre you Book picWhat does it take to be a winning youth coach? Listen in as Michael Langlois shares coaching stories and discusses his journey to becoming a successful youth coach.

Michael Langlois is a communications advisor – he has a background in broadcasting, has worked with NHL coaches, and young athletes. Michael, along with his wife Mary-Louise, have co-written several books on coaching youth sports. Michael and Mary-Louise live near Toronto, Canada. They have 4 grown sons.

Websites: prospectcommunications.com and takingyoubeyondthegame.blogspot.com

Twitter:@ProspectComm and @YouthSportsTYBG (Taking You Beyond the Game)

Facebook: /Prospect-Communications

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Coaching/Leadership Quote

▪   ‘In youth sports you cannot play with a piano on your back’

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Coaching Your Own Kid/My Cringe Moment

▪   Michael shares that maybe he was too hard on one of his sons and too critical. ‘Pick it up, it’s not a grenade’ – yelled by Dad from the dugout. Michael’s self-reflection: ‘Who’s being the adult here?’

Coaching AH-HA Moment

HUGE IDEA #1 – ‘In youth sports you cannot play with a piano on your back’ – Kids can’t play with coaches hounding them about mistakes and taking away their confidence.

Teaching Children & Keeping it Fun

  • ‘Common sense communication’
  • ‘How do you want to be remembered in 20 years?’

Reward, Recognition, and Teambuilding

  • Draft kids with positive body language, don’t blame their teammates, are humble

The One that Got Away

  • Trying not to run up the score – other team came back and tied game

Parting Advice

HUGE IDEA #2: Coaches – 2 questions to ask your kids: ‘What do you love about playing this sport?’ and ‘What motivates you?’

Michael and Mary-Louise’s Youth Sports books

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.14.32 PM ‘A Guide to effective communication for Youth Soccer Coaches’


Are you Book pic

‘Are You an Inspirational Youth Sports Coach?’


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.12.55 PM‘You can be an Inspirational Youth Hockey Coach!’


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