WYC 005 Sports Parenting Survival Guides; youth football and softball – Janis and Ted Meredith

JBMThinks-Sports-Parenting-Youth-SportsWhat does it take to be a winning youth coach? Listen in as Janis and Ted share coaching and parenting stories and discuss the journey to becoming a successful youth coach and sports parent.

Janis and Ted Meredith have 3 children: a 26 year-old daughter, a 23 year-old son and a 21 year old daughter. They live in the Fort Meyers area of Florida and Janis has a blog and many great books about being the mom of athletes and a wife of a youth coach, which you can find at jbmthinks.com.

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Coaching/Leadership Quote

▪   ‘As a coach my goal is that each player ends the season as a better person and player’ – Coach Ted Meredith

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Coaching your own Kid

▪   You have to keep a balance between coach and Dad, and you have to be very honest with your son/daughter.

My ‘Cringe’ Moment

▪   Coach Ted talks about sometimes being too tough on the kids in his early days of coaching, but learned how to strike a balance between being tough and being a friend via learning from his head coaching mentor

Being a coach’s wife

▪   Janis quickly discovered – being a youth coach is not a glamor job! Parents are often tough on the coach and dealing with the many issues ‘was tougher than I anticipated.’

▪   As a coach’s wife – she realized it worked better to disconnect from some of the more verbal parents if they are being negative and let the coach deal with any issues

Coaching AH-HA Moment

▪   Explaining the ‘Why’ to the children on what you are doing in practice and games

▪   Teaching the kids that practices/life are not all fun – sometimes you have to grind through things and it is work – but the payoff is worth it!

Teaching Children

  • USA football has great form-tackling drills
  • HUGE IDEA: EDD’s – EveryDay Drills – ABC’s – Agilities, Brief Contact, Contact
  • Be organized and make the practice pace quick

Keeping it Fun

▪   Piano drill in football – always teaching form tackling

▪   Cut-throat in softball – 3 teams of 5 so everyone stays involved

What does a Mom want from a Coach?

▪   For her child to be challenged to get better – AND be in a supportive environment that celebrates as they meet those challenges

Coaching Resources

▪   USA Football

▪   Youtube – Always can find great ideas and videos here

▪   HUDL – great way to watch video of friends/relatives in other parts of the country


▪   You have to decide whether you’re there to be a teacher/mentor vs. being a friend to the kids


▪   Quick ‘Put-ups’ after the game are a great way to point out extra hustle and effort

Dealing with parents and Teambuilding

▪   24 hour rule – parents need to wait 24 hours after a game until they discuss any issues with the coach

▪   Find a couple of parent advocates that will support you!

Inspiring Story

▪   It’s very telling of what kind of coach you are – if the kids connect with you on Facebook after the season is over

▪   Janis shares the story of a coach who believed in her son even when he was having a tough time – the coach gave him 3 reasons he wanted him to succeed and it was a huge influence to him. ‘When we believe in kids – it matters and makes a difference to them and they feel that.’

Coaching girls

▪   Watch your eye-contact – If you stare at one of them – they might think you’re singling them out

▪   Your volume (yelling) might be more needed for boys vs. girls who often will respond quickly and do not respond well to yelling

Be Part of the Positive Parents Tribe

▪   Jbmthinks.com – Janis has created this site to help parents teach positive life lessons through sports

▪   Check out ‘The Sports Parenting Survival Guide Series’ – 7 e-books that provide insight into how to thrive while being a sports parent

Parting Advice

▪   Talk less!! Be to the point.

▪   Seek to understand then be understood

▪   Communicate clearly and consistently

Interview Links

▪   HUDL

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