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The 4F System to Build your Winning Youth Coaching Season – 97 minute Plan

  • What is the 4F system, and how can it help you? The system was built around 4 core goals that winning youth coaches focus on. These are the 4F’s – Fun, Fundamentals, Friendships, and Fight. Put them together to build your Winning Youth Coaching season. The result: 4F=WYC.
  • We incorporated these goals into the 10 core elements that make up a season plan. It can be overwhelming as a new coach to make sure you are covering all your bases, whether it’s establishing goals and developing a culture, developing practice plans, figuring out what expectations to give parents, or figuring out how many different plays to teach your team. So with this system you will build an organized season plan in 97 minutes – broken into 10 segments so you can complete it at your own pace –  so it’s not hanging over your head and you can get back to enjoying being a coach.

12 months of research with the best youth coaches – Get it now!

  • The tool normally costs $27, which is a steal for the value you will be getting – but if sign-up while in launch mode – get it for 50% off!  Just enter discount code ‘Launch’ when checking out.
Plan Your Season in 97
Plan Your Season in 97
Plan your season using the template that the best youth sports coaches use

Full Money-Back Guarantee

  • There is a Moneyback guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked (except for seeking input on what we can do better)

Testimonial of the 4F System

  • Aaron Kail, a youth basketball coach in Cincinatti, Ohio. Aaron is a long-time friend of mine – and I worked with him to build his season plan using the 4F system:
  • ‘Hey, this is Aaron Kail. I have been head coach of several of my 2 sons’ sports teams over the past few years. I felt I was doing an OK job, but wasn’t satisfied I was really making this an awesome experience for the kids, parents, and coaches. But I was already really busy,working over 50 hours per week and just didn’t have the time to research what I could do better. I had known Craig personally for many years, and I knew his passion for helping coaches – so I reached out to him – he recommended I start by listening to the Winning Youth Coaching Podcasts. These were great and I learned some great ideas from the coaches. Then we utilized his 4F system to build a season plan for my son’s upcoming travel basketball season. The system really covers all the bases and makes so much sense – and I am sleeping so much better now that I have know I have a great organized plan and not just a bunch of random thoughts swimming around my mind. The biggest change from previous seasons is going to be the amount of time I spend in practice on fundamentals. In previous seasons I definitely fell into the trap of spending a significant amount of practice time doing full team scrimmages – where very little can actually be taught. I am more relaxed and more excited to coach my kids than I have ever been. Thanks Craig!  4F=WYC!’

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